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Key Points

  • French President Macron met with AI experts from major tech companies like Meta and Google, to discuss AI research and regulation in France.
  • Macron intends to make France an integral part of global AI regulation and present France’s generative AI blueprint.

Emmanuel Macron convened a meeting with leading experts from major tech firms including Meta Platforms and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, to discuss the nation’s position and role in artificial intelligence (AI) research and regulation. Macron aims to position France as a significant player in the landscape of AI regulation at both a European and global level

Meeting at the Elysée Palace

Within the grandeur of the Elysée Palace, Macron, along with Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and Digital Minister Jean-Noël Barrot, met with eminent AI specialists. These included chief AI scientist Yann LeCun from Meta and Joëlle Barral, engineering director at Google Research, according to confidential sources.

Topics of Discussion

The attendees deliberated over France’s standing in the global AI race and the potential impacts of AI technology on society. The discussion also encompassed Europe’s imminent AI Act, a significant piece of regulation in the realm of AI.

France’s AI Aspirations

Though mostly listening, Macron made it clear that he envisages France playing a pivotal role in AI regulation across Europe and globally. This has intensified the ongoing rivalry between London and Paris to become Europe‘s leading hub for technology, innovation, and venture capital.

Upcoming Events

Macron will unveil France’s strategy regarding generative AI at the upcoming VivaTech conference in Paris. He is also slated to deliver a talk on the country’s economic sovereignty, and meet with representatives of various innovative sectors.