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Ensuring Safe AI Usage with Cloudflare’s Latest Security Control

Cloudflare has introduced Cloudflare One for AI, a new suite of zero-trust security controls. This suite enables businesses to safely utilize generative AI tools while protecting intellectual property and customer data. Learn more about its comprehensive features, including AI tool usage visibility, data loss prevention, and seamless integration management.

Image: Cloudflare

Introduction of Cloudflare One for AI

Cloudflare has recently launched Cloudflare One for AI, an advanced suite of zero-trust security controls. This new offering enables organizations to employ cutting-edge generative AI technologies while maintaining the integrity of their intellectual property and customer data. Cloudflare is confident that the features of this suite will provide a secure, efficient, and easy solution for adopting generative AI without compromising on performance or security.

Comprehensive AI Security

Cloudflare One for AI equips enterprises with all-encompassing AI security, offering visibility and measurement of AI tool usage, data loss prevention, and integration management.

Cloudflare Gateway: Monitoring and Controlling AI Usage

The Cloudflare Gateway allows organizations to monitor the number of employees utilizing AI services, providing critical insights for budgeting and enterprise licensing plans. Additionally, service tokens offer administrators a clear record of API requests and control over which specific services can access AI training data.

Cloudflare Tunnel: Encrypted Connection for Data Protection

Cloudflare Tunnel ensures an encrypted, outbound-only connection to Cloudflare’s network. Complementing this, the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) service provides a safety mechanism to mitigate risks associated with how employees share data.

Mitigating Risks with AI Tools

Organizations are progressively adopting generative AI technologies to boost productivity and innovation. However, these technologies also present substantial security risks. To address these, Cloudflare One for AI has been designed to equip teams with the necessary tools to counter such threats.

Maintaining Data Privacy

Cloudflare’s DLP service scans content as it leaves employee devices to detect potentially sensitive data during upload. When users attempt to upload data containing sensitive elements, Cloudflare’s network blocks the action before the data reaches its destination.

Securing Data Accessibility

Organizations are wary about external services having unrestricted access to their data when an AI model needs to connect to training data. Cloudflare’s network can create service tokens that act as an authentication model for automated systems, ensuring that only the AI model is granted access to the data.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Cloudflare’s upcoming Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) will be able to scan the AI tools businesses use and detect misconfiguration and misuse. This platform approach to security will empower businesses worldwide to adopt the productivity enhancements offered by evolving technology and new tools and plugins without creating bottlenecks. Moreover, this approach will help companies adhere to the latest regulations.