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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed critiques about Apple’s AI approach compared to industry counterparts.
  • Cook emphasized the Vision Pro headset and Apple’s expansion in India during the quarterly earnings call.
  • Despite the reserved public discourse, Cook asserted that AI plays a crucial role in Apple’s product development.

During a recent quarterly earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to growing queries about Apple’s apparent lag in AI development in comparison to industry giants Microsoft, Google, and Elon Musk. Rather than focusing on AI, Cook chose to discuss the latest hardware from Apple, the Vision Pro headset, and the company’s first retail store openings in India.

When asked about Apple’s AI strategy by Deutsche Bank analyst Sidney Ho, Cook responded by stating that the lack of public conversation doesn’t imply that AI isn’t a crucial part of Apple’s product development. Cook pointed to the features of the upcoming iOS 17 and the fall detection feature in the Apple Watch as examples of AI’s important role in their product line.

Interestingly, MarketWatch noted that AI was referenced only six times during the earnings call by Apple, compared to 73 and 90 times by Microsoft and Alphabet respectively. Despite these numbers, Cook remains confident in Apple’s approach to AI, viewing it as a way to “responsibly advance our products with the goal of enriching people’s lives”. He also confirmed that Apple will continue to announce AI-related updates and features as they are ready to hit the market.