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  • The Associated Press (AP) and OpenAI establish a partnership, exploring artificial intelligence use in news.
  • The AP will provide access to parts of its news archive to OpenAI, yet other details of the agreement remain undisclosed.
  • Adoption of AI in journalism has been cautious due to concerns over accuracy and discerning AI-generated content.

The Associated Press and OpenAI have entered a partnership with a focus on investigating the potential applications of generative artificial intelligence in news production. This collaboration, involving an exchange of resources and expertise, is noteworthy as it addresses the ongoing discourse regarding the integration of AI in journalism.

Exploration in Partnership

The agreement entails AP licensing a portion of its news archive to OpenAI. This step will contribute to the data required for AI systems to function and learn, which could affect AI tools such as ChatGPT, utilized for a variety of tasks including summarizing legal documents and planning vacations.

Hurdles Ahead

News entities have displayed a level of wariness towards integrating AI technologies. This is due to issues that have arisen related to the potential for AI to generate incorrect information, and the challenge of distinguishing AI-created content. The collaboration between AP and OpenAI aims to address these concerns while attempting to utilize AI in journalism in a beneficial manner.

Early Adopters

There are a few examples of outlets that have begun to utilize AI. BuzzFeed uses AI for its personality quizzes, and the New York Times has used ChatGPT for a Valentine’s Day message generator. However, the AP-OpenAI partnership represents a more comprehensive approach to the incorporation of AI in journalism.

Future Expectations

Brad Lightcap, Chief Operating Officer at OpenAI, indicates that feedback from AP, in addition to the factual text archive, could help improve the functionality of OpenAI’s systems. This partnership offers a model for potential collaborations between AI and journalism entities, suggesting potential shifts in the field of journalism.