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Key Points

  • Startup Hyper raised $3.6 million in a seed round led by Two Sigma Ventures for its avatar technology.
  • Hyper’s tech simplifies the development and usage of VTuber-style avatars, previously a complex and costly task.
  • The funds will be used to advance current business operations and develop new avatar-based products.

Avatar technology startup, Hyper, recently secured $3.6 million in a seed funding round from Amazon, among others. Hyper’s unique technology simplifies the development and usage of avatars often used by virtual YouTubers (VTubers), making it an easier and more affordable process. The capital will be used to enhance its existing business while also expanding into new avatar-based product development.

Hyper: Simplifying Avatar Creation

While the company has not yet disclosed its usage figures, the participation of key investors including Two Sigma Ventures, MakersFund, Amazon’s Alexa Fund, and prominent individuals in the content and avatar creation industry speaks to Hyper’s potential impact. Unlike traditional avatar creation that relies on costly computer equipment and software, Hyper leverages the capabilities of an Apple iPhone and an app to facilitate the creation and use of VTuber-style avatars.

Hyper’s Future Plans

San Francisco-based Hyper, a member of Y Combinator’s Winter ’21 cohort, intends to use this new funding to bolster its existing business and explore new product opportunities in avatar technology. One such plan includes expanding into avatar AI assistants, exemplified by the development of their newest feature, Hyper AI.

Introducing Hyper AI

Hyper AI is an innovative tool that generates AI-based characters resembling their VTuber avatars. These AI characters can function as personal chatbots, interactive storytelling characters, or stand-ins when human VTubers need a break. The AI-powered characters leverage generative AI, built on OpenAI’s GPT and customized by Hyper, to interact naturally with users.

Role of Amazon

Amazon’s interest in Hyper aligns with its focus on innovative storytelling and character building. The tech giant’s Alexa Fund, which was created to support startups within the Echo/Alexa voice AI ecosystem, has been exploring new areas for business growth, including the intersection of new media and content. The investment in Hyper could potentially see its tools integrated into Amazon’s Twitch or used in other Amazon platforms.

Future of Avatar Tech

As technological advancements continue to remodel digital interaction, the demand for more digital content and tools for its creation is likely to grow. Hyper’s approach has the potential to change the content creation landscape by offering easy-to-use, mobile tools for this new format.