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Key Points

  • Accenture plans to expand its AI personnel to 80,000, following a reduction of 19,000 jobs three months prior.
  • The firm intends to inject $3 billion into its Data & AI division over the coming three years.
  • The aim of this investment is to assist enterprises in harnessing the surge in AI technologies, with an emphasis on generative AI.

The professional services company has publicized its intentions to expand its artificial intelligence (AI) workforce to 80,000. This decision comes three months subsequent to the company’s decision to cut 19,000 jobs as part of a cost-saving initiative.

Investment in Data & AI Practice

Accenture’s announcement detailed a $3 billion investment in its Data & AI practice over the next three years. The investment aims to support companies in developing the strategies required to leverage the growing potential of AI technologies. A significant portion of the planned expenditure is directed towards assisting clients in optimizing generative AI, a type of AI that generates visual content or text from basic prompts.

Corporate Response to AI Interest

In an official statement, Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer of Accenture, mentioned the high degree of interest in all aspects of AI. The hefty investment in the company’s Data & AI practice is aimed at transitioning clients from interest to action, delivering value responsibly and with well-defined business cases.

Prior Workforce Reduction

The decision to expand the AI workforce follows a reduction of 2.5% of the company’s workforce in March. More than half of the layoffs impacted non-billable corporate functions, including human resources, financial, and legal departments.